PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector - HeliDirect

PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector

Vendor: PULSE Ultra
SKU: PLU50-50004HCD
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PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector - HeliDirect

PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector


PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector


Pulse Ultra LiPo Batteries - POWER WITHOUT LIMITS.

Prepare yourself for epic levels of power and performance with the brand new Pulse Ultra LiPo battery - specifically designed for nothing other than RC dominance. Legendary in RC, Pulse Ultra LiPo Battery technology is the benchmark when it comes to technologically advanced LiPo battery that can live up to punishing levels of power, duration and all out speed.u00a0

Proven in the skies above, we're bringing our power to the ground with an array of packs that are ready to be pushed to the maximum and beyond. Quality and power is what we're about, and our all new LiPo series of batteries have been specifically engineered to meet the punishing demands of RC cars, trucks, or any other vehicle that demands the very best in LiPo battery technology.

Whether your racing, crawling bashing or beyond, Pulse Ultra is here to deliver the torque & speed you demand with power & performance that can be depended upon, cycle after cycle. Our packs have lived up to the most brutal of demands in the skies above, and we're ready and waiting to unleash the power below with epic levels of LiPo performance that have been tried, tested and ultimately proven.



  • PULSE 5000mah 50C Hardcase 14.8V 4S LiPo Battery - Deans Connector
  • Dedicated High Performance Car Lipo Battery
  • Large Array of Sizes & Voltages, Light Weight & Low Cost
  • 5C Charge rates for Ultra fast Charge Times & High Discharge Rates Up To 120C
  • Applications: RC Lipo Battery, FPV Battery, Helicopter Battery, Airplane Battery, Car Battery


  • Voltage | Cell Count : 14.8V 4S Lipo Battery
  • Capacity: 5000mAh Lipo Battery
  • Discharge Rate | Max Burst : 50C | 100C
  • Dimensions: 138.5 xu00a0 46.5 x 50mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight:u00a0u00a0552g
  • Balance Tap: JST-XH Connector
  • Battery Connector: Deans Connector



Built with a hard case design, Pulse Ultra LiPo batteries are ready for the punishment you have to offer. Additional to the hard case design, we have added balance tap protection with reinforced balance wiring for the ultimate in LiPo durability.u00a0


Engineered with an ultra powerful 50C discharge rates, Pulse Ultra lipo battery is ready to deliver the ultimate in output power. With 50C of continuous output power at the trigger, Pulse lipo battery hold nothing back, with the power, speed and torque you demand.


Engineered with the highest quality materials found in lipo battery today, Pulse Ultra lipo battery utilize the very best chemistry and technology for hundreds of cycles when it comes to RC demand. No matter how hard you push, Pulse Ultra delivers the power you require with durable dependability that is designed for the test of time.


Designed for rapid charge rates with high amp charging, Pulse Ultra lipo battery utilize high quality LiPo chemistry to take complete advantage of 5C charge rates for ultra rapid charging speed, keeping you at the wheel rather than waiting at the charger.


We stand behind our batteries, and with a full (3) month warranty, all Pulse Ultra lipo battery covered under warranty from manufacturer flaws, defects or any area of compromise.

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